What is Lakeshore?

Lakeshore is a component based web framework that borrows heavily on the ideas present in Seaside 2 and Borges.

How do I use Lakeshore?

Most frameworks and languages usually answer this question with the omnipresent 'Hello World' example. I don't see why we should be any different. Like most frameworks, it takes a little bootstraping to get us started. It is expected that you:

Step 1: Create the Lakeshore application

              package example.hello;

              import com.missiondata.oss.lakeshore.Component;
              import com.missiondata.oss.lakeshore.Renderer;

              public class Main extends Component
                public void renderOn(Renderer r)
                  r.text("Hello World");

Step 2: Create the web.xml file

                <description>Hello Lakeshore</description>